A.L. Scott Photography offers professional studio quality photos designed differently from most other photobooth options. We provide an open-air affordable photobooth .  Our booth does not do prints, because we professionally edit all of the photos after the event, including the unfortunately timed inevitable groom's zit! ha! This means you get professional studio quality photos for less than the price of your typical studio session. After the event, you and your guests are invited to view the photos in an online gallery (open or password protected) and our image quality is high enough to be printed and enlarged. You can order prints, keychains, and magnets straight from our site.  Our booth is also unique because everyone can take their own photo using our fun remote controlor pick a Fun Photographer. There is no limit to the number of photos that can be taken. And we bring a wide variety of higher end props to add a little flair to your pics. After the event, all of the guests can enjoy everyone's pictures, rather than just the 4-strip they brought home. So that way if Grandma takes funny pics with the YOLO sign, everyone in the family can enjoy it--and even put it on a t-shirt! From our website, guests can also freely download copies of their favorite photos and are encouraged to post them online--no need to track down a scanner to scan a 4-strip to share it on Facebook--every images can be quickly downloaded and added to your favorite social media! Plus, the non-4-strip model means we encourage your Aunt Shirley to take pics with not only Uncle Ralph, but pics also with her siblings, her nephews, and each and every group of her favorite relatives. At most weddings, we expect at least 250 photos on up to 2,500 photos at the most snap-happy weddings and events. The Oh! Snap! photobooth is like no other, is the original A.L. Scott photobooth, and must be tried to see why once they try it, they're always coming back for more. We specialize in repeat annual event clients like birthdays, showers, anniversarys,  bachelor parties, annual events for various sororities and fraternities.  Once we do one wedding, we find ourselves doing weddings for all their friends, and sometimes portraits and wedding photography, it's fun getting to know groups of friends over the years.